Reflect on Your Accomplishments

Do you feel like you are getting no where?!

Everyday you are stretching yourself thin, sacrificing time you could spend binge watching the latest and greatest on Netflix, gaming, or socializing with your peers (whatever your fancy may be). You're not alone. I have this feeling almost on a weekly basis. By nature, I tend to be fairly impatient, expecting results almost immediately. This is why I quit dance, music, painting, and gymnastics as a child. If I couldn't become Paula Abdul, Michelangelo, or Dominique Moceanu within the first week, I just gave up. 

As long as you are putting in the effort, you will see results.

 Very few of us are rewarded based on small accomplishments. Instead, praise tends to be held until we have reached the final product or outcome. The small advancements necessary to achieve the desired outcome are often overlooked. I like to think of small accomplishments as mile markers to a long journey. If you are driving down the road with no indication of how far you have come and no sign of the final destination in sight, you may begin to feel lost, despondent, and unfulfilled. Something as simple as a mile marker lets us know we are headed in the right direction, making progress on the journey, and keeping in mind the final destination is attainable. 

Reflect on your accomplishments!

When you feel discouraged, or need a day to rest but don't feel you have time to waste, realize "it" isn't going anywhere. Before you beat yourself up, reflect on your progress. Where were you five years ago, or even a week ago? It's easy to get stuck fixating on the miles you have left to cover. Some people say never look back. I say, take time to reflect on where you have been. You may surprise yourself with the ground you have already covered. 

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