If Not Now, When?

If you find yourself contemplating choices you have made in your life, and are uncertain of your direction, you are not alone.

I can't think of a single person who doesn't have a regret of some kind. Yes, those mistakes are also learning experiences and have made us who we are today. However, how many of us wish we could have avoided making those "life lesson" mistakes? I know I can attest. 

We can't change our past but we can amend our future. 

After graduating high school, I chose to skip attending a four year university and opted for community college. Why you ask? A boy.  "Life lesson" #1, DO NOT throw away your dreams, life, or education for love (or anyone or anything else for that matter). Love can wait. And true love will coincide with your dreams and passions.  Why didn't my parents warn me of this?! They did, but I didn't listen. "Life lesson" #2, your parents may not know everything, but you should take their "life lessons" and learn from them (my mom married her high school sweet heart, skipped college, and was divorced 6 months later). 

I went to school for education, although my passion was psychology. However, my dad talked me out of psychology. He said I wouldn't make money in the psychology field unless I had at least a master's (which they didn't see me obtaining). But I digress... Let's fast forward. I spent 3 years getting a 2 year A.S degree (never completed my B.S), went on to marry (then divorce) my high school sweet heart, and regretted every minute I had wasted over the past 7 years. Sound familiar? You may not have the same story, but we all have precious moments we wish we could recover and redeem. What I am about to say next is very important!

It's not too late! You may say: 

"But I'm old. I have kids now. I don't have the time or the money." Friends, where there is a will, there is a way. 

At 24, I decided to go back to college. True, 24 isn't old, but I was on my own, working full time and had plenty of my own bills to pay. I was terrified! What if I failed again? I was already considered to have a learning disability; that was intimidating enough. Not to mention being in classes with 18 year old's (I understand now 24 wasn't a huge age difference. But at the time, it sure felt like it). It was intimidating however, when you are planning on rushing a sorority.  

Feed the Yearning. 

Do you feel you have this deep yearning to do something with your life? No matter the reasons you tell yourself it can't be done, it continues to come back? Feed that yearning or you will go to your death bed regretting it. People always ask me "Brittney, what made you go back to college and rush a sorority?!" I was tired of having regrets. I decided to ignore norms and focus on what I truly wanted out of life, removing all obstacles. I wanted to get a formal education. I wanted to get back youthful years I had given up to focus solely on one person. And most importantly, I wanted to prove to myself I could do it!

You have to take a chance on yourself.

I had no clue what the plan was, but I knew that I WOULD go back to school and earn my B.S. After collecting my transcripts and paperwork, I applied to the University of North Carolina Charlotte. Once I was accepted, I had to make another very difficult decision; work part time/school part time, or quit my job and become a full time adult student. I weighed my options and realized if I bit the bullet and went full time, I could complete my degree in 1.5 to 2 years instead of the 4 or so it would take going part time. The money I would make finishing in half the time would compensate for not working during school. The time I spent leading up to my first semester, I worked as much overtime as possible. I went on to rush a sorority and become a sister of AXO; graduating in 1.5 years with honors. There is not one day I look back and say "I wish I wouldn't have done that".

The Satisfaction that Comes with Pursuing Your Dreams

To say I'm glad I followed my dreams/heart/life craving is an understatement. I would still to this day, be sitting here regretting not going to school, agonizing over low pay and an unfulfilling job. Although my story revolves primarily around education, it encompasses so much more. I no longer let someone else dictate my life. Although I have always known I have one life to live, only now do I appreciate what that truly means.

Stop wasting your time wishing.Start doing!

Maybe there is a hobby you have always wanted to take up, but haven't allowed the time to commit to it. Others want to travel the world, but let fear and uncertainty hold them back. 

Where there is a will there IS a way. Feed your yearnings or else they will eat you alive until your dying day. The yours. 

If not now, then when?

#justdoit #pushyourself #believeinyourself #dontlookback #liveyourdreams

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