What Type of Catalyst are You?

Each of us are a catalyst, whether we intend to be or not. Our actions and mood set into motion a ripple effect and our lack of action equally affects the future. For example, if you witness something that is ethically immoral or harmful yet choose not to do anything about it, you are condoning that behavior.

Take a look at any major movement in history. Most started with a single person who was willing to act on something they truly believed in, or take a stand against something they knew was wrong.

There are also those in history such as Hitler or Osama Bin Laden who were very powerful catalysts but for an unethical, extremist, and biased cause. I want to make clear that I do not condone any act of hate or violence. If the acts or beliefs of others do not cause others harm and suffering, I see no sound reason for interference.

To be a catalyst for positive change we have to be aware our beliefs and perceptions are just a mere fraction of a fraction of life's reality. Instead of spending our time trying to condemn and convert, I feel our energy would be greater served towards a cause for common good.

What type of catalyst are you?

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