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The skills that empower us to overcome fear, solve our people-problems, ignite our full potential, and find inner peace.

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what is eq? 

Also known as EQ or EI, emotional intelligence is where logic and emotion intersect. When we are emotionally intelligent, we do not react on emotion but instead harness their power; we know how to interpret their data and regulate our thoughts and mood to increase our performance, mental clarity, relationship quality, effectiveness at communicating, and reduce our anxiety and fatigue due to burnout and stress. 

Sound familiar? Let's talk.


You are a high achiever who—despite your success— feels like there is still something missing in life (i.e., direction, purpose, freedom, peace, a legacy)

Your life looks amazing on the outside, but if people knew the truth it's quite chaotic. You're ready to match the life that you portray.

You feel unsatisfied, burnt-out, and overwhelmed with modern-day stressors. And it significantly impacts your well-being, career/business, relationships, and outlook on life.


Your employees and leaders alike are burnt-out, unproductive and overwhelmed. 

You want to create a culture of well-being and trust, but you don't know where to start.

Ineffective communication is having a major impact of your organizations bottom-line. I.e., projects are being delays, moral is low, meetings are unproductive or heated. 

You're a young company who wants to get ahead of the common challenges organization face and develop a sound culture and solid leadership team who can handle any challenge thrown at them.

Who We Serve


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Improve your overall well-being

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Increase your performance and metal clarity

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Strong and dynamic communication skills

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Clearer direction to achieving your goals

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Increase profitability and human capital

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Stronger and more stable relationships

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Restore your energy levels and develop resilience

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Decrease anxiety and stress

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Clearer life purpose and direction

9 ways EQ changes things
My niche

My Niche

Highly successful individuals* who are looking to pair their success with inner-peace and find fulfillment in life. 

* (six-eight figure income)

No matter how often we hear, "Money can't buy happiness," we seem to fall into the mindset that it will. It must! 

We convince ourselves, "Once I have ___, then I'll be content."

And then, we reach the pinnacle of our success and survey all we have achieved, yet a gnawing feeling of dis-ease envelopes us. That is when it dawns on us that we were never chasing money and things, but self-confidence, contentment, or validation that we believed success would provide. If this resonates, and you're looking to put the "cherry on top" of your success, schedule a complimentary consultation to discuss what's next in your life's journey and how I might be able to help.

You've concurred success! It's time to concur the self.

My Approach

I take a holistic approach to emotional intelligence and awareness, incorporating mind, body, and spirit

What does that mean? 

To solve our people problems, we must look at the whole self, not simply one aspect of ourselves. 

One reason self-development programs are ineffective is that they fail to consider the nuances and complexity of human behavior and the individual's unique needs. 


My approach is flexibly structured and goes deep, because self-discovery and innovation happen when we go off the beaten path and explore

The only thing that is holding you back from that exploration is ego. It fears exploration and introspection. 


I help you to quiet the ego so you may discover your higher self which will be your guide and teacher during your EQ and awareness journey.


"Emotions can get in the way or get you on the way."


how can we work together?



Brittney-Nichole helps you apply innovative mental constructs that will guide you towards a life of fulfillment, joy, success, and purpose, and eliminate the self-sabotaging narratives and social programs that are causing you to feel anxious, overwhelmed, and discontent.




Many organizations waste absurd amounts of time, energy, money, and resources on nursing the symptoms of their people problems instead of identifying and addressing the source of their barriers. Mainly because they don't know what to look for. Brittney-Nichole will help you identify and address the source, not simply symptoms.



Brittney-Nichole provides her audience with a passionate, in-depth, and engaging delivery, incorporating personal experience, real-life scenarios, and practical applications as she delves into the nuances and complexities of emotional intelligence and awareness. Brittney has spoken to fortune 500s, unicorn startups, at universities, national conferences, and across virtual platforms.

How can we work together




Charlotte, North Carolina

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