If Life and business were a sport, those with high EQs would be the MVPs. 

Discover the skill that 90% of top performers have mastered;

emotional intelligence. 

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You are a high achiever who—despite your success— feels like there is still something missing to life. And, it is holding you back from reaching your full potential.

You find yourself easily triggered and are burnt-out from increased anxiety. It's starting to affect relationships both personally and professionally.

Your life looks amazing on the outside, but if people knew the truth it's quite chaotic. You're ready to match the life that you portray. 


Employees are leaving; sales are down; the organization is struggling to adjust to the "new normal"; you are drowning in people problems that are affecting your bottom-line.  

You're a young company who wants to get ahead of the common challenges organization face and develop a sound culture and solid leadership team who can handle any challenge thrown at them. 

Are you up for the challenge?

Not every individual and business

is a good fit for the services we offer, and that's okay.


Consultations are the best way to assess if we "click" and if I can provide the results YOU are looking for.


To the right, I have listed a few common problems our clients face. If you can relate, we welcome you to book your free consultation. 

What you should know: 

Too often, a potential client will allow their ego to get in the way of their personal fulfillment and growth. Know that you are NOT your behavior. As long as you come with a humble and objective attitude, we can make progress to ultimately achieve your desired results. YOU'VE GOT THIS!


9 Things You Can Look Forward to When Developing Your EQ.


Improve your overall 



Clearer direction to 

achieving your goals


Restore your energy

levels and develop resilience


Increase your performance

and mental clarity


Increase profitability

and human capital

Decrease anxiety and stress


Strong and dynamic

communication skills


Stronger and more

stable relationships


Clearer life purpose and


EQ, Communication

I partner, primarily, with ambitious male entrepreneurs and executive leaders to remove the obstacles that are getting in the way of their success and personal fulfillment. My clients seek a life of well-being and balance without having to sacrifice their ambitions.


Feeding your desire to excel does not have to lead to burnout, chronic stress, or strained relationships.

"People Problems"

Whether that is getting clear on your vision, redeveloping your culture, strengthening your human capital, or boosting your bottom line, I partner with you to develop a customized game plan that is guaranteed to give you the results you are looking for, if followed. 


Brittney provides you with a personal experience, connecting with the audience through storytelling and audience engagement. Brittney has spoken to fortune 500's, unicorn startups, universities, national conferences and across virtual platforms.

Popular topics include:

  • Resilience

  • Harnessing the Power of our Emotions

  • How to increase Performance and Innovation

  • Effective Communication

  • Reducing Stress/Anxiety